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GLEN MORLEY (1912-1996), Canadian composer, conductor, arranger and cellist, studied composition with John Weinzweig and Bernard Rogers. As a performer, he was a former cellist with both the Rochester Philharmonic and the Vancouver Symphony. His compositions range from serious through popular and traditional styles of music, and are mostly written for orchestra or chamber groups.

Glen's wife DIANE MORGAN MORLEY was born in Evanston, Illinois, in 1929, and attended the Eastman School of Music from 1947-49, studying composition with Burril Phillips and Wayne Barlow and orchestration with Bernard Rogers. In 1949, she married Glen Morley, whom she met at Eastman. Morley, a Canadian cellist, conductor, composer and arranger, was a great help; he both encouraged and taught her. Morgan Morley emigrated to Canada with her husband in 1954 and received Canadian citizenship in 1974. Composition lessons with Jean Coulthard (in 1960) gave her "the art of construction," and one jazz piano lesson at King Edward College was a revelation -- when the "found chord" in all her works was put in the context of jazz harmony theory. Morgan Morley has written about her music: "My music is 'beautiful'. A cross between Bacharach and Vaughan Williams, it is largely unsung. I find it very satisfying."

Morley sketches:





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