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In her final years Sheryl lived in a facility run by the Canadian organization Homes First ( Their treatment of her was extraordinary; we hope that our friends will want to help them in their work.


Sheryl Anne Noonan (1947-2013), beloved sister of Patricia Morehead, passed away on April 2nd at Strachan House in Toronto, Canada.  Sheryl was a talented painter and sculptor. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, studied in Rome and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She is survived by her sister Patricia, Patricia’s family Philip, James, Keren and Ian, and their children Jordan, Simon, Emily, Benjamin, Evelyn, Kiernan, Teaguen, Siodhachan, Edwin and Marlow. A memorial service will be held in Toronto at Parkdale United Church, 171 Dunn Ave. on April 26 at 3PM.

Memories from Sheryl's sister Patricia

Taking Sherry to the park and playing on the swings, teeter-totters and the round-about like merry-go-round when she was 4 and 5 years old.

Going to Caddy Lake near the Ontario border and near Lake of the Woods (the boundary waters as they are called in the USA). My father built a log cabin on the lake where we could swim off the big rock and explore the woods around the cottage. I remember a time when my father wanted to keep down the mouse population coming into the cottage and he put out poisoned seed. Many chipmunks died too and my sister and I had several funerals for the little critters hoping to at least embarrass our father for his actions.

The time my sister lost one blue and white marble which represented one of her Kelvin girls (the high school girls across the street from our house on Academy Rd in Winnipeg). Sherry had a collection of over two hundred marbles that were all named. My father, mother and myself spent days crawling around our house hunting for the missing marble to no avail if I remember correctly.

The pride the whole family felt when Sherry came home from St. Mary’s Academy with a wonderful water-color painting of a fall scene which she painted around the age of six or seven. Her teacher was Sister Phillippa and she had singing canaries, which my sister adored. Sherry spent many, many happy hours with this wonderful nun who taught her to paint.

Sherry had a talent for roulette (if only we had had the sense to cash in on it!). She went with us to a casino in the Bahamas and demonstrated her “system”, winning handsomely. At that point she lost interest.

She was wonderful with children.

Sherry was a wonderful artist and worked so hard as a volunteer for our little opera company in Boston (the New England Chamber Opera Group) before her mental illness overcame her. She worked on several productions for us, notably Handel’s Imeneo and Stravinsky’s Mavra, for which she produced a remarkable unit set full of imagination and color.